This edition of the classic, decades spanning manga series, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, was originally repackaged in Japan as a softcover with slipcase called the Jojonium. For the the VIZ edition, I “zombied” together the best aspects of the slipcase and married it with the softcover for a hardover casewrap design that would appeal to US manga readers. The strategic part of this project was format. Being a "classic" title, I wanted a high end treatment (hardcover, spot UV, endpapers, unique head and tailbands) since the target audience would be the collectors who would appreciate a deluxe edition. This was the first time JoJo's Bizarre Adventures, Part 1 Phantom Blood would have been published in America, but it was a cult favourite and fans were asking for it for years, so luckily we already had buzz to work with.

The hardcover deluxe format was a great success with both volume 1 and 2 making the NYTimes Bestsellers list and the design and packaging noted as a reason fans decided to pick up, which is the best response a book designer could ask for!
Since ths success of this upspecced format, other nostaligia and retro series have used the same strategy for new editions/reboots to the same success and appreciation.

Editor: Urian Brown
Original Japanese designer: Mitsuru Kobayashi (GENI A LOIDE)