When VIZ licensed Eisner winning creator Taiyo Matsumoto's current work, Sunny, I was simultaneously intimidated yet excited to be able to work on it. Editor Alvin Lu said the words all designers like to hear "tell me what you want to do, and we'll figure out the budget." In publishing, I've learned to work with a P&L in mind. I have the dream and I pare it down for the financial realities, but in this case, I was allowed to do 90% of the dream.

To begin with, the original Japanese edition was great, so my goal was to enhance what was already successful about it and make it more desirable. Immediately I wanted it to be hardcover and have the bare linen texture. To me, the story recalled the feeling of simplicity, so I wanted the tactile and weight of a hardcover book with the traditional 2-piece casewrap to emulate a craft, hands-on feel but not try to "bling" it out needlessly just because I had the budget to.

Of course I can go on, I had so many thoughts on the placements of elements, but perhaps it's best left as a discussion. I was lucky to meet the original Japanese editor, Egami-San of IKKI Magazine, as well as the creator himself, Taiyo Matsumoto. It was translated to me that they were very happy with the English edition and it surpassed the Japanese edition, which I cannot believe they said. I will trust the translator, but my mind is still blown~

Created by: Taiyo Matsumoto
Editor: Alvin Lu (1) , Hope Donovan (2-ongoing)