The UglyDoll franchise is internationally known for their awkwardly cute designs and was made mainstream when President Obama's daughters sported UglyDoll zipperpulls on their backpacks. They have since expanded their brand into many various products including graphic novels by VIZ Media's kids imprint, Perfect Square.

The goal was to appeal to both kids and young adults as the UglyDoll property is naturally popular with both audiences. The artists involved include both comic and fine art creators which makes each volume a unique experience.

My main responsibilities were to take David Horvath's original drawings and create a cohesive cover, endpaper, plus interstitials and front and end matter that bookend the comics within, following a theme specific for each volume (volume 1: traveling, volume 2: noise and music, volume 3: food, volume 4: superheroes).

Creator: Su-Min Kim and David Horvath
Editor: Traci Todd